RieFilt Cartridge Filter Housing RF-BB20-1

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50 cm BB cartridge filter housing.

In such an important process as the filtration of liquids, one should not do things by halves. Not only faulty processes, but above all low-quality products can lead to substances that should be destroyed by the process still being present in the liquid after filtration. This can have a variety of fatal consequences that can be avoided by using a good product.

So play it safe and use our 50 cm filter housing!

  • Technical specifications RF-BB 20"
  • Dimensions height 620 mm, width 190 mm
  • Connection size: G 1 Inch
  • Maximum water temperature: 38°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Air release valve is provided.
Manufacturer: RieFilt GmbH
Category: Water Filter
SKU: RZ-C-20-1
GTIN: 4262362720019
Item weight‍: 3,46 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height )‍: 19,00 × 19,00 × 62,00 cm
Material ( inside) ‍: Polypropylen
Operating pressure max.‍: 6 Bar
Fluid Temperature max.‍: 38°C
Filter height‍: 20 inch or 50 cm
Transport weight‍: 3,5 Kg dry
Pipe connection inlet filter‍: G-1 inch
Pipe connection outlet filter‍: G-1 inch
Filterset (size)‍: 20 inch
flow rate‍: depends on filterinlet
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