RF-RO 101 DT
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Category: Plant systems

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RF-RO 101 our smallest unit. The RF-RO 101 is the smallest system we offer. It is capable of converting seawater into drinking water, for example. The RF-RO 101 is modular and configurable. With the help of the variable modules, higher quantities of drinking water can be produced without incurring higher costs. If desired, the drinking water can also be appropriately post-treatment.



Prefilter 10µm sediment filter


Module 1 DTS (Disk Tube)

Drinking water volume max 4500l/day


Mineralisation, UV disinfection or chlorination possible


Water types:

Seawater, brackish water, river water, groundwater, city water


Application areas:

Drinking water production on smaller ships, ferries, yachts or for supply in the offshore sector


Special features:

Safe harbour operation Activated charcoal filter for dechlorination Noise level Sound insulation below 60 db (A)