RF-RO 1530 DT
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RF-RO 1530 our system for medium to large-scale use. The RF-RO 1530 is intended for medium to large-scale use on ships or in industry. With its help, it is possible to generate large quantities of drinking water cost-effectively and efficiently. The modular system serves as an aid if further post-treatment, such as mineralisation, UV disinfection or chlorination, is desired.


Prefilter: 10µm and 25µm sediment filter


Modules: 15-35 DTS (Disk Tube)

Drinking water volume: max 35000l/day


Mineralisation, disinfection or chlorination possible


Water types:


Seawater, brackish water, river water, groundwater, city water


Application areas:

Drinking water production on medium to large ships, ferries, yachts or for supply in the offshore sector



Complex multi-stage system or EDI for ultra-pure water production possible