Ion exchange filter 10 inch, softening

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RieFilt - granular, softening carbon filter cartridge


In a process like water filtration, where every little detail counts, high-quality products without defects are an absolute must.

After all, it could lead to fatal consequences if a "filtered" liquid still contains portions of the substances that one wanted to separate through the filtering process. With this softening filter cartridge, problems like this are a thing of the past! Unwanted lime is bound by the ION X Carbon and effectively converted into soft lime-free water.

You can go through this process for 50 liters per minute and at a maximum pressure of 6 bar, which ensures productive operation. In fact, as long as your working temperatures do not exceed the maximum value of 38 degrees, you can count on your cartridge to filter exactly 16,000 liters of liquid within six months, without fear of reduced quality of results.

Are these products environmentally friendly?

Yes. We take great care to make our cartridges from materials that are recyclable. For this reason (and because we want to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible), you can use our cartridges with a clear conscience!

How can you ensure that the quality is Right?

Quite simply, we do not allow any of our products to be sent to a customer until they have passed a series of strict quality controls. These are carried out in accordance with European guidelines and have thus ensured for over 40 years that our products deliver what they promise!

What results can I expect?

The softening RieFilt cartridge is filled with a special ION exchanger resin which, in combination with granular activated carbon, results in perfectly softened water. Limescale deposits are thus a thing of the past.

Manufacturer: RieFilt GmbH
Category: Water Filter
SKU: RF-ACS-10-10
GTIN: 4262362720118
Item weight‍: 1,06 kg
Dimensions ( Width × Height )‍: 11,00 × 25,30 cm
Material ( inside) ‍: Polypropylen
Operating pressure max.‍: 6 Bar
Fluid Temperature max.‍: 38 °C
Filter height‍: 25,3 cm
flow rate‍: 50 L/min
filterdiameter D1 outside‍: 11 cm
filter diameter D2 inner‍: 2,9 cm
effective against‍: The cartridge reduces the level of calcium and magnesium ions responsible for water hardness, eliminates scale formation on heating elements in household appliances.
Hint‍: Please observe flow direction, white seal points upwards.
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